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A designer and co-founder of Monograph currently based in San Francisco.


Is Design Valuable?

Nothing is as daunting as questioning your life’s work, but I’ve been ranting to all who will listen that businesses are severely undervaluing design. Instead of continuing the relentless designsplaining, this year I wanted to clarify my stance by creating live case studies of applying design to business outcomes and putting my money where my mouth is.

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Animation in Web Design

What a wonderful place web standards are in right now. From high performance javascript to keyframe animations in CSS, web animation in particular has benefitted from the dramatic improvements in browser capabilities. In this essay we examine the different ways to create compelling, performant animations for the web.

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MIT Design Lab

Founding a new group at MIT for design is both ambitious and necessary—as digitally fluent students enter the institution, the imperative changes where technical capability becomes a default and the experimental focus moves towards the design interface. To help codify their varied research initiatives, the directors of the Lab and I developed a design system which pays homage to the school's visual graphic traditions. For the individual research projects, the Lab creates one-off micro sites for every project all under a single, custom web platform.

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As the first designer brought in to work on Teespring's product, the CEO Walker and I prioritized the pages with the most impact then built a design language from that exploration. Unexpectedly, working with their small team and early product meant we could test hundreds of iterations on the live site without regard for legacy design constraints or materially affecting revenue. Ultimately the primary revenue generating pages became precisely dialed-in and maintained the same format even as the team and product grew 10x over time.

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Alongside the design team at Spoke, I was charged with designing, developing and shipping their latest marketing website. To build on the brilliance of their expertise and effortless product user experience, the website communicates the value of Spoke through descriptive visualizations and interactive animations. With a purposeful simplicity, the product remains at the forefront of the site directly engaging potential customers to onboard with Spoke.

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Growing up in a working-class, hispanic community in Arizona, I am incredibly grateful for those who helped to put me in position to give back. From working as a designer in Europe to going to MIT, from getting a tech job in San Francisco to building a profitable business, I am happy to share any experiences that might be helpful. As one of the very few Mexican designers in San Francisco, I'd especially encourage anyone underrepresented to reach out. Please don't be bashful, I really enjoy getting email from young designers.

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