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Moe amaya

Title: Moe Amaya — Designer

Description: A co-founder at Monograph and a Mexican designer based in mostly sunny Oakland, CA.
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I'm 3/4 Mexican, 1/8 Chinese, 1/8 Native Hawaiian

Most recently lived in San Francisco for 5 years (Spent 2017 living in LA and loved it)

MIT was insane. The obvious bit is that everyone there is smart as hell and works crazy hard. The not obvious is that the environment reinforced that you can learn anything and do anything, without permission.


I'm Moe a co-founder at Monograph and a Mexican designer based in mostly sunny Oakland, CA. Previously I studied design computation at and worked with Figma, Spoke, and Aptible.

Internet work
Domain / Company

Currently Lead Engineering and Creative Direction. We're Hiring :)
3D Monograph Logo by Daniel with DeSandro code.
Co-Founder & SDR

Led design and blurry circles on this with a dope Team at Figma.
Worked on the Figma growth team in 2019 2-days a week while grinding on Monograph. Along with the Grumpy Growth Guy and Toni's fun times in SEO land, the homepage was the biggest project with Tori & Micah brand, Andrea PM, and Cory dev.

At Spoke I worked directly with the design/dev king David to ship a beautiful, modern, fast Wordpress site 😱 (honestly was nice to work in WP, briefly).
Ideal Sans
Designer & Engineer

I'm definitely not the best designer in the family and it shows—my wife is stupidly talented. For those that know me, I'm an 80/20 person. This site is not 80/20 and came out so good and matched our personalities that it's the site I'm most proud of creating. Plus Jeremiah at Typewolf immediately posted it :).

Freelance isn't for everyone, but I really enjoyed it quite a bit. Clients can be demanding, but the breadth of work and project types kept me super engaged across each contract. From WebGL apps, to live auctions handling $100s of millions, to quick brand designs for open-source javascript tools, I was lucky enough to ship a ton of projects to production for clients.

The big negatives were having to go to small claims for a client that wouldn't pay, early on struggling and paying bills on credit cards, and having to do some work where design was not valued.

But overall would still recommend.
Typesetter & Husband
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Side projects have changed my entire working life—namely on financial and creative independence. Hell, Monograph started as a side project! There's probably another 20 legit projects missing from this list.

I've learned sooo much from kinda folks putting their learnings on the web for others. I know I don't write enough, but that is going to emphatically change in 2021.

Mentorship has been especially gratifying. Whether it's watching my team grow exponentially, guiding architecture folks entering tech, or seeing a side project homie build a big ass business, I plan to double down on helping folks this year.
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Side Project/ Que?
Indoor plant guides (Daniela)
API software reviews
Linux man pages
Visual metadata (sold)
Unlimited graphic design
Work Sans
Gradient picker
Dynamic background images
Javascript parallax library
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The Collective™

As a trained architect, I’m a generalist (brand, product, dev, growth, sales, etc) but mostly identify as a designer trying to make internet bangerz 🏌️‍♂️. Currently love building the team at Monograph, playing with my loco perro Marvin 🐶, devouring wings & beer while watching Book & Kyler cook 🌵, getting design crits from homies, and making bomb food with my wife. As one of the very few Mexican designers in the Bay Area, I'd encourage anyone underrepresented to reach out to chat. Please don't be bashful, I really enjoy getting messages from emerging designers (and sometimes hire or invest in folks).